About Us

Investing. Uniquely.

Invesque is a North American health care real estate company with an investment thesis focused on the premise that an aging demographic in North America will continue to utilize health care services in growing proportion to the overall economy. Invesque currently capitalizes on this opportunity by investing in a highly diversified portfolio of income generating properties across the health care spectrum. Invesque’s portfolio includes investments in independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, transitional care and medical office properties, which are operated primarily under long-term leases and joint venture arrangements with industry leading operating partners. Invesque’s portfolio also includes investments in owner-occupied seniors housing properties in which Invesque owns the real estate and provides management services through its subsidiary management company, Commonwealth Senior Living.

Our Strategy

Swift, Creative & Energetic.

Since 2016, Invesque has quickly and creatively executed on opportunities with best-in-class operators to build a highly diversified portfolio of income-generating health care real estate. Our team of industry experts executes efficiently, thinks creatively and brings passion and energy to everything we do.  This is our formula for long-term success.

At Invesque, we believe that health care real estate generates long-term, out-paced risk-adjusted returns. While any particular asset class may come in and out of favor during any cycle, long-term, patient investors will be rewarded. We very strategically and deliberately diversify our portfolio by asset type, geography, payor source and operator. We remain focused on growing this highly diversified portfolio of properties throughout the United States and Canada. The true key to our long-term success, however, lies in our operating partners.

Our Track Record

When It Comes to Achieving Success, We Are Relentless.

More than Quadrupled our Gross Asset Value in four years
Raised more than $205 million in the Canadian public markets
Grew portfolio by property count by more than five times in four years

Behind The Name

Name Anatomy


Invesque is derived from the root word [invest] and the adjective suffix [esque] meaning [to resemble].

Name Description

Invesque is a real estate investment firm specialized in nimble, transparent interaction; creative flexibility; and reliable, trusted portfolio management. Invesque is similar to, yet unique in practice, to traditional investment firms.