Our Brand is Built on Timeless Values.

At Invesque, our most precious investment is our people, and the environment we collectively create each day. Our culture is built on principles that honor our employees, and encourage them to be their best, and give their best, at all times. We take our fiduciary responsibility of maximizing share-holder value very seriously; it drives everything we do. However, our pursuit of this goal comes by way of our core values.

Invesque is committed to teamwork and excellence–a collaborative environment which places pursuing the best result possible as our top priority. We also insist on positive energy and fun, never growing complacent, tired or settling for the status quo. But most importantly, we value family. Having a life balance at Invesque is a mandatory. We believe the foundation of family provides support, joy and a reminder that our daily work serves a bigger purpose.

Our core values represent who we are, what we stand for, how we go about our business, and how we fulfill our strategy.

We are an organization who cares deeply about being active in our community and pouring into the causes our partners care about most. Being a part of Invesque is an opportunity to invest uniquely in our partners, our community and each other.

Core Values
Family truly matters. Possessing a life balance is crucial to our success as a fast growing company. As we work hard (very hard) and take care of our responsibilities, we emphasize a culture of flexibility, balance and quality time away from the office.
It takes a team to achieve greatness and success. We firmly believe that everyone in the company plays an important role in our success. At Invesque, no one is more important than anyone else. We attract and retain talented professionals who understand the importance of succeeding as a team, and not just individually.
Everything we do demands our very best. We must insist on excellence in all things, constantly seeking to do better and focusing on each detail. We must commit to the highest standard no matter the task. We continue to raise the bar and hold ourselves accountable for excellence always.
Positive Energy
At Invesque, high energy and a positive attitude are mandatory. We work with a sense of urgency, accomplishing as much as we can today. We find the good in all we do. We find solutions. We are direct, efficient and swift, while never compromising quality or details. We want a team ready to go, ready to win the day! Everyday.
Every day is a journey. Along the way, we genuinely want to enjoy our work and those we work with. We’re committed to finding the fun in all we do, never taking ourselves too seriously. We will celebrate our hard earned successes, affirming our team on wins, big and small. Every day won’t be perfect, but we will seek to find fun in what we do. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing.
At the end of the day, the most important investment Invesque will ever make is the one we make in our team.
– Scott White, Chairman and CEO

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